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Individual Therapy

Looking at the View

Work one on one with your therapist to accomplish a set of goals.  Individual sessions are often 50 minutes, but can range from 30 minutes - 90 minutes, depending on the goals and structure decided between you and your therapist.

Family Therapy

Dive into family issues together with the help of a therapist.  Family sessions can include as many individuals of a family as you'd like.   Family sessions are range fro 50-90 minutes, depending on the goals and number of family members present.

Playing Tug of War

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling can begin early in a relationship, before marriage, when contemplating separation, years into a relationship & anywhere in between.  Couples sessions range between 50-90 minutes long depending on goals and structure determined with your therapist.

Professional Workshops & Consultation

For more information on speaking engagements, presenting to your organization, professional consultation or CE workshops, please email me!

I can tailor presentations to cater to your needs and organization.

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