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ADHD Evaluations

We offer comprehensive ADHD evaluations for children (as young as 4) and adults. We use a combination of self-report, therapist interview, and multiple assessments in our evaluation process. Our evaluations will give you a better understanding of how ADHD may impact your social, academic, emotional, occupational, or relational function. This evaluation is an affordable yet comprehensive option for anyone needing work or school accommodation or documentation for medication management.

We offer the following evaluation packages:







Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation:

Our comprehensive ADHD evaluation is an affordable option to gain a full understanding of how ADHD may be impacting you and will provide a detailed report that is necessary for school/work accommodations as well as medication management.  Our comprehensive ADHD evaluation includes an intake interview, multiple ADHD assessments that can be completed from the comfort of your home, assessment interpretation and a written report that is reviewed with you in a feedback session.  

Assessment Screening Only

For individuals that are curious about a possible ADHD diagnosis or to learn more about concerns they have with attention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity but do not need work/school accommodations or medication management, this is a great option for you! The assessment screening only will include several assessments with scoring and a feedback session to review these results.  This does not include a written report and no formal diagnosis will be given.  Depending on the client's physician, this may be sufficient for medication management.  Please confirm with your provider.

Interested in scheduling an evaluation?

*Celia Webb & Zack Garner are the providers currently offering evaluations.

For more information or questions on ADHD evaluations, please email:

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